Three Best Straight Pole Drills

These drills are extremely important for vaulters of all ability levels. They are perfect for vault practice or in warm ups before meets. You will see just about every elite pole vaulter do these drills or some form of these drills before meets or in practice. They help to slow things down and work on cues in the vault at a lower intensity and with much lower impact on the vaulter.


  1. On the foot, On the Back, On the side. All three straight pole drills are a part of the process oriented, progress toward the bend pole drills… Running Plant Drill, the 1/2 Drill, 3/4 Drill and cork screw. The main difference is that the pole is straight on the straight pole drills and bent on bent pole drills. Hand placement and location, head movement (what you see) and shoulder rotation is basically the same for bend pole and straight pole drills that we do. But, obviously the timing element of the bend pole drills is much more difficult to master. It is important to understand that the straight pole drills and bent pole drills are just that…. Drills. They are not how to pole vault as a whole. Drills are used to work on specific movements, hand locations hip, shoulder and head locations and movements on a smaller scale, which is caused by a shorter approach, lower grip and somewhat softer pole. The end result of drill work over time is the integration of improved technical process movements (from working on drills) into the whole vaulting movement when attempting bars/bungees.


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